Is Your Woman Cheating? Take the Quiz to Find Out

Take this quiz to find out if your woman is cheating on you

Discover if your wife or girlfriend is cheating on you with this insightful quiz. Learn about the signs of infidelity and how to confront the situation.

Is Your Woman Cheating? Take the Quiz to Find Out

Affair Quiz Time: Is She Cheating On You?

If you're a Sudbury resident wondering whether your wife or girlfriend is cheating on you, then you probably just stumbled onto the right quiz. I have a ton of experience dealing with cheating partners, unfortunately. I'm not sure if it's something that I keep on doing that makes women want to cheat on me, or if infidelity is hard-wired into the brains of all woman. Whatever the case, the fact remains that women sometimes resort to cheating when they're in relationships, and the men being cheated on have a right to know about their women's infidelity. This quiz might just shed some light on whether or not your partner is cheating.

Cheating Signs Are Too Obvious To Ignore

During the first stages of the affair, the cheating signs may be subtle enough to slip under your radar. When a person starts cheating, they're usually meticulous about covering up their tracks and making sure that their partner doesn't suspect anything. However, as the affair continues, the cheater becomes more comfortable in their situation, and they leave more room for error that their partner can pick up on. I'm not sure where your woman is in her affair (or if she's even having an affair at all), but it's important to pay attention to all potential cheating signs as they come up. As time goes on, they will become increasingly obvious.

How Does She Respond to Cheating Questions?

If you truly suspect your woman of cheating, it might be time for you to test her out with some general cheating questions. These questions shouldn't be blatant — it's never a good idea to just ask your girl out of the blue if she is cheating on you. Chances are that she will be dishonest if she is actually cheating, so you need to be subtle and clever in your approach. Tell her you've noticed that she isn't home as often lately, and ask her why that is. Or, tell her that she seems to be more tired than usual as of late, and ask her what seems to be on her mind. Prod around her psyche for indications that she might be cheating. Ask the right questions, and determine her infidelity from the answers she gives you.

Is She Acting Like Someone Else?

When someone cheats, they invariably start to change, especially when it comes to how they treat their partners. People change in various ways when they're having an affair; for instance, your woman's response might be to totally brush you off, and treat you like a second-class citizen when she's having an affair. Or, she might seek to make up for it (in her own crazy way) by treating you like an absolute king while she is seeing another man. In either way, pay attention to signs that she's acting like someone else, as these might be indicators that she is cheating on you.

How Is Her Sex Drive?

If your girl used to rush into the bedroom with you every night, and she now appears to want to turn her back to you and just fall right to sleep, this might be an indicator that she's expending all of her sexual energy on someone else. This is a truly unfortunate thing for a man to wrap his mind around, but if it's the reality, then you need to find out for sure and act accordingly.