Effective Pick Up Lines for Casual Dating Websites

How to Make Pick Up Lines Work on Casual Dating Websites

Learn how to use pick up lines effectively on casual dating websites to impress women. Discover the best pick up lines and how to deliver them with humor and grace.

Effective Pick Up Lines for Casual Dating Websites We have all heard them before, and most of the time, they make us groan and cringe in response. Guys have been trying to use pick up lines to impress women for a long time, but the level of success rate is probably pretty low. Particularly now with dating online, guys have been stretching even farther to get her attention. Casual chat dating websites are overflowing with guys, and in order to stand out from the crowd, guys keep trying more and more ludicrous things to make themselves appear desirable to the women that they are trying to date. It can be pretty entertaining, especially as a woman, to see whatever cheesy pick up lines these guys can come up with, but to say that they are impressive is an overstatement in almost all of the cases. I have received tons of private messages while dating online, and most of them are pretty poor attempts at using pick up lines. I am not trying to say that pick up lines can't work, but if there is no context of humor or grace in its delivery, then a pick up line is going to fall flat very quickly. I have written this article to help all of the clueless guys to learn how to use pick up lines more effectively while dating online. There's no big secret or magic trick to it, but it does require a little confidence and a better understanding of how to impress women.

A Few of My Favorite Pick Up Lines

Just to give you a taste of some of the pick up lines that have made me smile in the past, I have compiled a short list of some of the best of the best. Don't expect these lines to work on every girl, but if you are lucky enough to have sent a message to me filled with some of these sweet words, there's a good chance that I would respond.
  • * If a fat man with a beard puts you in a bag one night, don't worry, I told Santa that I wanted you.
  • * You're so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line.
  • * Do you work for UPS? I could have sworn I saw you checking out my package.
  • * I can't take my eyes off you. Unless of course, you notice me. Then I'll quickly look away and act like nothing happened.
  • * Do you have any raisins? No? How about a date?
I know they are cheesy and really nothing special, but these pickup lines have made me smile and even giggle a little. This is important to me and a lot of other women, and it is really what pick up lines are all about. They are just a little icebreaker to get the conversation going. If the guy has nothing to say afterwards, then it doesn't matter how good his pick up lines are.

It's Not the Pick Up Lines, It's How You Use Them on Casual Dating Websites

Regardless of whichever cheese ball pick up line a guy chooses to use on casual dating websites, the most important aspect of it is the delivery. Women get a ton of private messages while dating online, so it doesn't hurt to be a little creative and funny when trying to get her attention. However, you cannot solely rely on the impact of pick up lines to guarantee you a date. It needs to be delivered in a way that shows you aren't just a trolling date fiend. If you can start things off with a bit of an intro, and then a slick segway into the pick up line, then you are much more likely to get a good response. Simply firing off hundreds of pick up lines to every single profile that you come across is not going to have a very good response rate. Women can tell when a guy is using the same old line on a bunch of girls, so stand out by taking a little extra time to show her that you are actually interested in her. It is also really important to be able to follow up on your pick up lines. If you send out a message, and get her attention, you then need to be able to keep it. If you have nothing to say afterwards, your conversation will die, and you can watch your date fly out the window. Remember that a pick up line is just an ice breaker, and if you can keep things going after that, you will be much more successful on casual dating websites.