Online VS Offline Dating: Why Online Casual Dating Is Taking Over!

Online VS Offline Dating: Why Online Casual Dating Is Taking Over!

Discover why online dating is becoming the preferred method for single men. Find out why single women are migrating online, why picking up women is hard, why online chat is easy, and how online casual dating leads to more one night stands.

If you're a single man living in Kansas City, or a single man living anywhere in the world, you know that the dating world can be a tough thing. Approaching a woman and trying to start something out of that approach is an incredibly hard thing to pull off. For the longest time, it was the sort of thing that we had to pull off if we wanted to have any shot of getting laid. However, thanks to the glorious advent of the internet, the obstacles that come with getting laid are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With new technologies in the form of online hookup platforms, single men can simply log onto a vast database of other single woman, and he has the ability to connect with them right from the comfort of his own home. Really, when we think about how convenient and effective online dating is, it's no wonder that we're seeing a rapid decline in the old school methods of dating. When a new, convenient technology presents itself, there's really no reason to stop ourselves from holding on and coming along for the ride. Here, we will outline the reasons why online dating is taking over offline dating. Online VS Offline Dating: Why Online Casual Dating Is Taking Over!

Single Women Are Migrating Online

If you've noticed that there seems to be a significant shortage of single women in your city, then you need to look in the virtual hallways of your own computer. More and more women in every city around the world are starting to move to the internet in order to fulfill their dating needs. They're realizing that the internet provides the exact solutions to the traditional dating platform. We all know the trials that come with old school dating; you approach a woman at the bar only to find out that she has a boyfriend, or things might get going for a little while, and then you realize that both of you are looking for different things in your respective adult relationships. Well, the online dating world fixes that problem; every person using a specific platform is there for the same reason as everyone else, so everyone knows what the score is right from the very first message that was sent. For this reason, and many more reasons, the dating world as a whole is moving to the internet.

Picking Up Women Is Hard

Just ask your father and grandfather — picking up women in Kansas City is hard, and it's been hard for several thousands years for all men in our history. There are so many invisible obstacles at play when it comes to approaching a woman in a public place that a lot of men get too discouraged to even make the effort to get laid in the old-fashioned way. Even the men who do try to regularly approach women end up getting rejected far more often than they are accepted. That's just the nature of the game; in traditional dating, the odds are always against you. However, when it comes to online hookup platforms, the odds are always in your favour, because the women you are chatting with are there because they're looking for a man to have a good time with, and that man just might be you.

Online Chat Is Easy

Going out and talking to women in person requires a lot of effort. You need to get ready to go out, find some friends to come with you, and then you go out and spend a lot of money on drinks in order to even have the courage to approach women at the bar. Even if you do go up there and talk to them, chances are that you'll be rejected within 2 minutes of the conversation. However, when it comes to online chatting, you really don't have to put in much effort at all. You can reach out to a hot stranger on a weeknight while you're in your pajamas, getting ready to watch some TV. The sheer convenience of the online dating world puts it several tiers higher than the traditional dating platform.

Online Casual Dating Leads To More One Night Stands

Statistically, the men who seek their women from online casual dating platforms get many more one night stands set up than the men who prefer to keep it old school. Like we said, this is because your chances of getting laid get boosted significantly when you use online hookup platforms to find hot, horny singles right in your area. There's no need to play the game the old way, because you'll be playing at a significant handicap for no reason at all. Migrate your dating needs to the online world, and you'll have so much casual sex lined up for you, you probably won't find the time to do anything else at all!