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I started off with Singles Chat Rooms

I started off in the free sex chat rooms. I didn't quite have the time for actual dating because I have a young son and a full time job that takes up the majority of my time. So sexy chat online with other singles is sort of a great way for me to remain social and flirt with other men without leaving the house. While I do have time on the weekends when I can get my parents to babysit, I kind of have to be very selective about who I choose to spend it with because I have so little of it, and sometimes they aren't even available. Actually maintaining a serious relationship is next to impossible, so free singles chat online seemed like the perfect option for awhile. But then sometime afterwards, I discovered adult dating sites, that were primarily for casual dating and casual hookups. Free singles chat sites were cool and all, but casual dating sites seemed to have more options and a better community. Not only could I still have cybersex with random internet blokes, but now I could also meet local boys in my area when I was able to get out for a bit. It gave me something to look forward to at the end of the week, and talking with the boys in chat rooms and then in video chat was a great way to screen them. In fact, I found cyber sex was a particularly good way to get a feel for what a man would be like in bed. While I'm not overly picky about the range of sexual expression that exists out there, there are always red flags that you want to be on the lookout for. Men who are too forceful to quickly, or men who do not respect your body or have a care for your pleasure were easy to spot and to exclude from the singles in my area.

Casual Dating Sites are Just Better

I found that the site I was on offered me a wide range of men to choose from who were accessible by car. I could chat with them over the week and then if I liked, send the baby over to my parents house, and have a little fun on the weekend. It turned out to be a perfect arrangement for me, and late at night, I could go to the chat rooms, talk and flirt with the boys, and if I liked, pull one of them over into a cam to cam video chat. While free video chat on free video chat sites was certainly available to me, I found that the quality of men there was certainly not as good as the casual dating site I was on, and I also liked the fact that on the casual dating sites, I could set my profile to private and then only give access to it to those on the site who struck my fancy. I was hoping to avoid people from work, or guys I had dated before, to avoid any sort of awkwardness that might ensue from them seeing my profile. And I didn't want them to think that I was making myself available to them either just because I had an account on a casual dating site. For me, casual dating was a great way to blow off some steam at the end of the week. I liked going out with a new boy who I was crushing on and I also liked the fact that it meshed with my schedule so well. I wasn't in a place where I wanted to commit to any one boy and it didn't make sense to me to force myself into a place where I was trying to maintain a serious relationship when I was working fulltime and raising a child. Adult dating offered me both the discretion and the access to a variety of men that I required. Open communication with my new friends also because important. Even on casual dating sites, people develop feelings for one another, and I needed to be sure that they didn't expect anything serious to develop from a night (or two) of kinky fun. I was honest about my life and my child and the vast majority of men on the site respected that I was not in a place where I was looking for anything more. Perhaps in time I'll be ready to settled down, and perhaps down the road one of my friends will be the man I choose to settled down with. At this point, I don't know, and perhaps there are better options for that kind of dating as well. I certainly don't have to worry about that now.